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Commercial insurance coverage

Commercial Insurance

Protect the Business You Built with a Commercial Insurance Policy

Starting a business in Maryland and growing it into a successful operation is no small feat. It requires a lot of time, personal dedication, and spotting potential issues before they become bigger ones. Sometimes you can't avoid a problem no matter how much you try, and that's where we at ACG Services LLC come into play. We can help you get a commercial insurance policy that protects you against the unexpected.

What Kind of Insurance Does a Business Need?

All businesses are unique, even though there may be multiple operations that offer similar services and goods. The size of the business, its physical location, employee headcount, and equipment all play a factor when determining what type of commercial insurance policy is needed. A home-based business that's looking to save money on start-up costs is going to need a policy that takes the home into consideration. In contrast, a construction company will need a policy that protects against a variety of potential issues such as lawsuits and personal injury claims.

Does the State of Maryland Require Businesses to Get Insurance?

Maryland requires business owners to carry a workers' compensation policy for employees but otherwise does not require a business to carry a specific type of commercial insurance. Instead, the state requires business owners to carry insurance policies for certain aspects of the business, such as commercial auto insurance for vehicles owned and operated by a corporation. Our agents can help you acquire the necessary insurance policies required by the state and operate legally.

Call Us or Stop in and Talk to Us About Your Commercial Insurance Needs

At ACG Services LLC, we are ready to help you learn more about commercial insurance and how it can be invaluable during times of duress. Give us a call today so we can get started on finding you the right kind of commercial insurance policy for your Maryland business.

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