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What is the difference between Commercial Auto and Personal Auto?

Commercial Auto insurance provides protection for vehicles used in business operations. While Personal Auto provides protection for your private vehicles. You can think of Commercial Auto as insurance from a business perspective. There are instances where the vehicles you use serve both roles. In such cases, our experts will work with you to build you a low-cost bundle that suits your needs.

Still unsure on which coverage is for you? Don’t worry, our experts are more than happy to answer any questions you may have!

Does ACG provide insurance directly?

We do not provide the coverage directly. As independent brokers, we represent the interests of our clients, not the insurance company.

We work with the nations’ best insurance companies in order to provide a variety of coverages for our clients. Thus, allowing us to meet their financial demands without compromising the quality of coverage they get.

What is the difference between a broker and a captive agent?

A captive agent works for, and represents one insurance company. On the other hand, a broker provides the services or insurance products of several insurers. Another huge difference is that we have multiple carries and we can find you the best fit. We always hold your interests above all else. By choosing ACG Insurance, you are guaranteeing a voice in the industry.

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